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Advisory Board Members

Geoff Hawley

Geoff Hawley was born in Ipswich in 1956. He attended Westbourne High School and from there went into a career in sales. He currently works selling chilled products to retail outlets.

He was brought up in the church from the age of two, and became a Christian at the age of seven. Even as a boy, he somehow knew that all the answers were in the Bible. Geoff’s mum supported him spiritually, and his Dad nurtured, an interest in Biblical prophecy.

At the age of sixteen, he compromised his faith. Following a near-death experience where he spent twenty minutes going down towards hell, Geoff spent a further two years struggling with commitment and guilt. Finally, God caught up with him when he listened to a recorded teaching on the Second Coming of Christ.

He became a deacon and then an elder at Ipswich International Church. Geoff went through a church training program at IIC which covered theology and practicalities of ministering. He has ministered in most departments within the church and also ran a satellite church in Kesgrave for two years. Geoff’s special interests are the Word of God, covenants and prophecy. He has co-authored ‘Covenants, Creation and Choice’ a book on where theology and science overlap.

He is happily married to Dawn, and they have two daughters, a son and a granddaughter.