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David Howe

David Howe

I began to believe in God for myself at the age of 10, before that I had grown up going to church but never really believed God or Jesus. I felt that they were just stories we heard about and church was something we just did as a family …

I came to believe in and follow God, when He showed me who He was and His heart for me as a result of prayer.

I have been at IIC since 2001 however between 2011- 2015 I lived in Horsham studying/ working for Kingdom Faith Church. This was an encouraging and building time that led me back to IIC to be part of the leadership here.

My role as youth pastor, gives me the privilege to oversee “Limitless Ipswich” our youth ministry. I will also at times be part of serving on other teams such as the core tam for family camp.

My heart is to see young people connect with God in a way that enables them to have a relationship with Him built on the foundation of His word, through their own self-declared belief in Him. That as they know more and more of God both individually and as a group, they will understand Gods purpose for their life and see that become their reality.

Like many youth pastors or workers, you will find me in coffee shops or restaurants. I enjoy spending time with people when I can. I have also recently fallen back in love with photography and enjoy from time to time taking pictures of the world around us.