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David Baker

David Baker

I have been married to Stacey for six years and we have two young children – Joseph and Joshua who keep us very busy …

I grew up in a Christian family and made a decision to follow Jesus at an early age. However, I left church in my teenage years and wanted to live life my way. I came back to church at 17/18 and had a transformative encounter with God.

I first came to Ipswich International Church in 2003 as a 17/18 year old and then went away the following year to study and train to become a minister. I went through 3 years Minister in Training which is on the job training and have been an ordained minister at Ipswich International Church for 7 years.

Our vision and passion is to grow together as an extended family. This involves different generations sharing and learning from one another. We desire to see every child, young person, man and woman grow up into vibrant mature disciples who make and multiply other disciples. We want to see generations rise in their understanding and authority for the sake of His Kingdom and see an impact in the everyday spheres of influence and life.

We enjoy spending time with our children and when I get the chance, I like playing badminton, going for walks in the countryside and reading.