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Harold Afflu

Harold Afflu

Pastor Harold Afflu was born in Walsall in the Midlands, UK. He is the fifth among six siblings. When Harold was a year old his parents went back to Ghana, where he was raised and educated …

The family faithfully attended the Presbyterian Church which helped to develop a Christian foundation and implant some godly morals in him. Very early on it was obvious to many that Harold would end up in some leadership capacity in the church.

At the age of 14 in 1984, Harold attended boarding school at the Presbyterian Boys Secondary School. He joined the Scripture Union (S.U) where he surrendered his life to Jesus and started a lifelong journey of discipleship. That same year Florence attended Sunyani Secondary School. In July of 1988, Harold and Florence met during their long school holidays and became friends. She then introduced him to a dynamic youth ministry called Youth Vanguard for Christ (Y.O.V.A.C) which totally transformed them and strengthened their relationship. They were also active members of Calvary Road Inc., a ministry that focused on high school students through the power of drama and music with branches in a few high schools.

They both entered the University of Ghana in 1992 where Harold read a degree in Geology and Florence, a degree in Food Science. In 1994, Harold became the President of the University Christian Fellowship. This was a very significant time in his life when God did extraordinary things on the campus, touching many lives and calling many into ministry, who are now serving in various roles in the Kingdom all over the world. Florence also started the Ladies of Vision ministry which has grown and influenced many young women and continues to do so in various universities in Ghana and is now growing internationally.

After graduating, they got married in December 1996 at the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry-a dynamic church that had a great impact on them especially when they were students at the university. Harold found a job as a geologist working for a gold exploration company while Florence worked with a food processing company as a food scientist. With a strong sense of calling to serve the Lord in pastoral ministry and a clear audible voice from God, He opened a door for them to serve as pastors in an Elim Church in Ghana in 1997. After leading many to Christ, discipling them and planting other branches, Harold felt the call to relocate to England in April 2000. Florence followed a year after.

Through the invitation of some friends, Harold visited Ipswich where he had the opportunity of visiting the Ipswich Elim Church, which was led by Pastor Stephen Huntly at the time. This visit turned out to be a divine connection which has defined Harold and Florence’s life and ministry up until this present time. Harold was invited to serve as the Assistant Pastor in May 2000.This a role he served in for twelve years; six years under Rev Stephen Huntly and another five plus years under Pastor Mick Reynolds. Harold was inducted as the Senior Minister of the Ipswich International Church in May 2012.

Harold’s ministry of preaching and teaching has opened doors for ministry in different parts of the world. He has the calling of an intercessor and a strong passion for the glory of God manifesting in all aspects of society and the church. He believes in the unity of the body of Christ, working together to promote genuine friendship among ministers. He believes in investing in the next generation and raising missional disciples. In addition to supporting her husband, Florence has a prophetic calling with a strong passion for women’s ministry. She is the founder and director of Ladies of Vision International Ministry and an author of three books. Harold has an Apostolic call on his life with a heart for England and the nations. He currently serves on the Ministerial Selection Board and on the Regional team of the Metropolitan East Region of the Elim movement. In Ipswich Harold serves on the Ipswich In Prayer advisory board and as a volunteer chaplain in Ipswich hospital.

Harold and Florence have been blessed with 3 wonderful children Deborah, Esther and Samuel who are all involved in the work of the ministry in different ways. As a family they are on a journey of exploring what it means to truly be a family on Mission together. They relax together as family playing games and watching films. Harold loves all kinds of sports, his favourite being athletics.