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Never 2 Young

Dear Parents and Guardians. …

Children’s Church is back in the building!

Due to the current restrictions put in place by the government and Elim HQ the children will be meeting physically in the upper room until further notice.

Please sign your children up for your allocated service.

During these sessions we will be learning all about a character from the bible and discussing ways their lives impact us today and how we can learn from their stories and the things God does in their lives.

Thank you all.

EASTER 2021:

Easter Story 2021

Easter Activity booklet 2021

Meet the people from the Bible 2021:

Adam and Eve 31st January 2021

Cain and Abel 7th February 2021

Noah 14th February 2021

Abraham 21st February 2021

Sarah, Hagar, and Abraham 28th February 2021

Isaac and Abraham 7th March 2021

Isaac & Rebekah 21st March 2021

Jacob, Leah, and Rachel 28th March 2021

Dinah 18th April 2021

Joseph 25th April 2021

Moses 2nd May 2021

Rehab 09th May 2021

Ruth and Naomi 16th May 2021

Samuel and Saul 23rd May 2021

David, Saul, and Samuel 13th June 2021


Each year the church comes together, with Burlington Baptist Church, to partake in the first tithe of the year. For three weeks we will give God our time, attention, and sacrifice in some cases.

This year we are encouraging the children to ask themselves what it is that God truly wants them to give up in order to really invest their time with Him and grow in their relationship with Him.

This year we will be going through the book of Galatians in the morning, and Daniel in the evening.

Download your Children’s Daniel Fast Booklet: Week 1 Here

Download your Children’s Daniel Fast Booklet: Week 2 Here

Download your Children’s Daniel Fast Booklet: Week 3 Here

Daniel Fast Week 3 Sunday worksheet: 24th January 2021

Daniel Fast Week 2 Sunday worksheet: 17th January 2021

Daniel Fast Week 1 Sunday worksheet: 10th January 2021