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Sound on Sound

This is blog page for IIC Sound, we’ll document our knowledge, hints and tips and share some resources for other churches to learn from what we’ve learned. We’re a talented and skilled group of individuals working for God …

Facebook Live Streaming Issues

At IIC, one of our skillset people have their own business in web design, having this knowledge has enabled us to build our own re-streaming server that we can publish our live video from OBS to effectively re-stream to both YouTube and Facebook, and many more services should we decide to. 

In amongst this 2020 Lockdown what we found was that Facebook sometimes didn't pick up our stream. On inspection and error testing, it seams that from April 2020 a change that Facebook have made on their platform has made it so that if you start your stream before opening the Facebook Live Studio page then Facebook is unable to pick up the stream, and you are left forever awaiting the stream. To get around this, it's always best to open the Live Producer Page before hitting Start Streaming in OBS

This will obviously be a lot easier for us when we are able to have more staff on the IIC Sound desk, working on skeleton crew due to Social Distancing has its challenges.