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Parking Fine and CCJ Dropped

L. O

A County Court Judgment on my credit record I was completely unaware of related to a parking fine and unadmittedfault upon the parking firm;was completely dropped after prayer. They hadn’t reckoned on the Lord of Hosts, fighting on my side.

I was making an application for something rather inconsequential that required a credit check in the first week of January this year. I was shocked when my application was denied and after a morning of looking things up and calling around, I found out there was a County Court Judgement (CCJ) on my credit record that I was completely unaware of. More digging revealed that this was from a parking ticket that I thought had been sorted out months prior - in fact, they had been sending notices to the wrong address! Ringing up the parking company, they were not interested in owning up to their part in this and just wanted me to pay my fine, but doing this, would leave the CCJ on my credit report for 6 years! This was a particularly a big deal for me because I was coming up to a big business decision needing financial investment that would require having good credit. This was definitely NOT the right time for this CCJ to appear!

I was starting to get quite wound up and upset by the situation but then I stopped and I prayed. And the Holy Spirit assured me that it would be okay, that He would sort it out and I need not worry about it. He gave me the wisdom to ring around to find out how I could appeal against the CCJ, which I did. Four months after I filed for the judgement to be set aside, the parking company contacted me, offering a consent order, meaning they would dismiss the claim against me and no costs would be required from either party. The judge accepted this, remarking that this was a rather unusual course of action for a Parking company to take. (They hadn’t reckoned with the Lord of Hosts, fighting on my side, clearly!) Just like that 4 months later, the whole issue dissipated into thin air, just as if it never was, and I was able to move forward with the business investment I needed to make. Praise the Lord!